N  I  N  A     B  R  A  D  F  O  R  D     A  R  T

Invention is at the heart of my work. I am not interested in perfecting technique but am most excited solving problems finding the ingredients needed to make something. The decisions, editing and intuitive process of trying different things until the image emerges. Working in a series gives me the time and space to do this. Like how to make 35 paintings of the same yucca plant 35 different ways. How to tell a story in painting, drawing, and collage. How to make a picture of my experience of Rome. How to depict the world as I see it. 

I take great pleasure in storytelling, and because of this I think my work has a sense of drama. I think art is the expression of of our shared humanity and different realities. And it's purpose is to move us, push us to a new place. 

Nina Bradford 

My formal education consists of a Fine Arts degree in painting from the University of Oregon and an Applied Arts degree in video and film production from Lane Community College.

  I live with my husband, dog and cat in Estacada, where I teach yoga and am a member of The Spiral Gallery Co-Op.