N  I  N  A     B  R  A  D  F  O  R  D     A  R  T

"You have to know how to preserve that freshness and innocence a child has when
it approaches things." Henri Matisse

I am lucky to see the Henri Matisse "Paper Cut Outs" show at MOMA in
New York. It is so exciting and energetic. The incredible thing is he created this
magnificent work at the end of his life confined to a wheel chair and his bed. 
He said "I feel through color so my pictures will always be organized by it."
Most of the work is very large consisting of bright shapes cut from
paper painted with gouache and pasted on paper that was then pasted on stretched
canvas. He said he used his scissors to "draw in color" and "sculpting in living
color" he created a new form of expression.  

I saw the show two days ago and went back this morning just to be there 
surrounded by the colors. A lot of people agree with me as the museum 
was packed with art lovers.  
"Large Composition with Mask"
"Creole Dancer"
"The Sheaf"
"Icarus". Small cut-out design for the printed portfolio volume " Jazz"